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October 15, 2021by Tess Pitzer

The Queen’s Gambit is a historical film and Netflix limited series that takes place during the Cold War era. The main character Beth Harmon, is an orphan and chess prodigy. She is on the path of becoming one of the best chess players in the world. You will easily be able to create a costume from the Queen’s Gambit, from Goodwill finds. In our previous blog post, we showed you some fun Halloween costume ideas. We also talked about how shopping at your local Goodwill is eco-friendly and sustainable. This time of year, a lot of extra waste is created around the holidays. Thrifting and up-cycling outfits is a great way to help the environment. Keep reading for DIY costume ideas from Queen’s Gambit.

Heather puts together a DIY Costume from Goodwill

Take a look at our photos and video of Heather Heather that creates a Beth Harmon costume from thrifting at Goodwill. “What I love about Goodwill is that I’m able to receive affordable items that still hold energy. Things that are awesome, and that are made with quality. My favorite store is the Willowglen location on Meridian Avenue because I own a business in the Willowglen area and I love to support my community. A DIY costume is so much better than a packaged one because you are able to put it together yourself, and put your own “vibe” into it, and not everybody is going to be wearing the same thing.” Save some money, support sustainable fashion, and create your Halloween costume by shopping at Goodwill!

Queen's Gambit DIY Costumes

Beth Harmon DIY Costume

One of the main elements of Beth Harmon’s look, is her shiny red bob and mysterious look.

What you will need:

  • Short red hair or red colored wig
  • A neutral colored, long, modest dress that represents the 60s style
  • Black closed toe shoes
  • A prop of some sort. Heather found a large Chess piece, which is the perfect addition to her costume!
Queen's Gambit DIY Costumes

Benny Watt’s DIY Costume

Benny Watt’s plays and arrogant and intelligent chess player in this series. He starts as Beth Harmon’s rival, and becomes her mentor, a very close friend, and crush over time. Benny has a mischievous sort of look, and always carries around a knife for self defense purposes.

What you will need :

  • Black cotton shirt
  • Leather duster coat
  • Black pants
  • Brown leather belt
  • Brown fedora hat
  • Rope chain necklace for men
  • Black boots
  • A knife!


Jolene is a fellow orphan, and becomes a good friend of Beth. She helps her navigate life as an orphan. Jolene went to school and became a lawyer, hoping to make positive change in the world.

What you will need :

  • Brushed out black curly hair or wig
  • Burnt orange long sleeve turtle neck sweater
  • Black leather jacket
  • Tight jeans
  • Black rectangular cat eye sunglasses

We hope that these DIY Halloween costume ideas from Queen’s Gambit got you excited for Halloween! Now, it’s time to decide which character you would like to be. Head on down to your local Goodwill, and put together your own costume, with a creative twist.

Goodwill holds many second hand items, whether it be modern, or dating back decades ago. The beauty of shopping at thrift stores, is that you can find great quality items, and any style of fashion you are looking for! Goodwill is great for putting together a unique Halloween costume from Queen’s Gambit.

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