Through this Ethics Hotline, Goodwill of Silicon Valley maintains a “Zero Tolerance” position in regards to unethical, illegal, dishonest or inappropriate behaviors at any of its retail locations, donation centers or at headquarters. Employees, donors, and shoppers may report this information to any available supervisor, the Vice President of Human Resources, or the CEO. An Ethics Hotline is also available as a resource to confidentially report violations. The Ethics Hotline is administered by an independent third party who will receive the issue and forward it to the CEO and Vice President of Human Resources.

Toll free Ethics Hotline: 888-569-9932

File an Ethics Report Online: Click here

The person making the report is not required to identify himself/herself unless they wish to do so. Employees, donors, and shoppers are encouraged to use the hotline whenever necessary and to provide as much information as possible regarding the issue. This will help Goodwill of Silicon Valley management to best determine the actions required. Again, the toll free number is 888-569-9932 .

GWSV does not tolerate retaliation for providing information and/or participating in an investigation. If you believe you are experiencing retaliation in any form, please contact the Vice President of Human Resources.

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