Our Mission: We are committed to helping Veterans and their families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless overcome barriers to housing and ultimately transition the entire veteran family unit into stable housing environments.

If you are in danger of becoming homeless, or know a Veteran that needs our services, then please email us at gwsvvfs@gmail.com

Santa Clara County has the highest percentage of un-sheltered homeless Veterans in the United States. The Veteran Family Services (VFS) program serves this population and is supported by the Office of Veterans Affairs and Goodwill of Silicon Valley. The VFS program goals are to serve the entire veteran family and to reduce the homelessness of Veterans. 

The VFS program provides an array of services and is a tremendous resource for any homeless or any soon to be homeless Veteran. Below is a summary of services provided and documents required to enroll.

Services Provided:

  • Financial assistance
  • Access to VA benefits
  • Family counseling
  • Transportation
  • Public benefits
  • Housing

Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required:

  • Valid identification (military ID, passport, state ID)
  • Social security card (for each family member)
  • DD 214
  • Must meet certain income criteria and provide verification of ALL household income
  • Must provide bank statements
  • Copy of current lease/rental agreement
  • Eviction notice (If applicable)
  • Can be a single Veteran or a family with Children
  • Veterans who have served 24 months of active duty. Discharge can be anything but “Dishonorable”
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