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About Code Ramp

In partnership with Hack Reactor, Goodwill of Silicon Valley is offering a FREE 4-week coding course named “Code Ramp”. Code Ramp is a 60-hour, part-time course geared toward beginners with little-to-no experience in software development. In Code Ramp, students learn the fundamentals of Front-End Web Development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). By the end of the...

Why should I pick the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry as a career? IT workers entry level pay ranges from $16 to $24 per hour. Plus up to 56% wage increase in the first 3 years. IT workers have been estimated to earn 74 percent more than other entry level workers. The US Bureau of...

Good Source

Brand Via partnering up with Good Source (a division of Goodwill of Silicon Valley) to help the community by providing employment opportunities to people facing barriers to employment.

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