Veterans Employment Program (VEP)

Our Veterans Employment Program (VEP) supports our country’s Veterans as they prepare for and secure rewarding civilian careers. Our all veterans staff works closely with our program participants as they become job-ready.

Our Mission: To develop and promote a heart-felt partnership with the Veterans we serve in which there is mutual care, concern, and determination for their well-being.

Our Vision: To ensure that Veterans in Santa Clara County have access to the services necessary to improve their quality of life and that those Veterans have the opportunity to raise their standard of living through the power of employment.

Our Approach: The VEP program has successfully placed over 830 Veterans into employment. We partner with businesses and organizations to ensure our military service members get direct access to great jobs and rewarding careers. Our holistic approach also supports housing, transportation, mental health, and provides job training opportunities.

If you are interested in joining our program or referring a job seeker to work with us, or an employer interested in parenting with us, the first step is to setup an appointment via email.

To be eligible for VEP program, individuals must meet the following criteria:
#1 — Must Not have been dishonorably discharged
#2 — Willing to remain actively engaged with the VEP team.
#3 — Interested in working and living in Santa Clara County.

Please include your phone number or email address. Also, be as specific as possible in the fields below and we will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. Alternatively you can call us at (408) 869-9247 Monday-Friday from 8:00AM to 4:30PM.

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    What was the character of discharge from your military service?

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